Job satisfaction in teacher teams

What is the job satisfaction of teachers who are organized in teacher teams? Based on this question from a secondary school, the Working in Education research group investigates job satisfaction and how this might be improved.

Teachers in secondary education sometimes experience a high workload. For this reason, a "team-centred work organisation model" (TAO) has been introduced at this particular school, in which teams of teachers collectively bear more responsibility. In this project, this process will be followed, both tracking job satisfaction and improving the TAO. This is done on behalf of the school and consultants 'Het Leren Organiseren' that guides the school.


The research focuses on job satisfaction in teacher teams. What is the balance between work demands and energy sources in the teams and how might this be improved? 


01 September 2022 - 31 August 2024


Data in 2023 shows how teams experience working with TAO and their job satisfaction. In 2024, the same teams will be surveyed. On these two occasions, group interviews and a questionnaire about job satisfaction will be conducted in three teams. Possible changes will be explored. A team portrait will be made for each team. In collaboration between the teachers, coaches, researchers and school management.

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Angela de Jong

Angela de Jong

  • Lecturer-researcher
  • Research group: Working in Education