Tailor-made coaching for second career teachers

As a way out of the teacher shortage crisis, policy makers and schools turn to second career teachers (in Dutch called 'Zijinstromer in het beroep, ZiB). The learning trajectory of these second career teachers is supposed to be a tailor-made trajectory that matches their existing knowledge and experience. However, various studies show that customization is still insufficient and that education and work practice are insufficiently coordinated.


In this project, one school board in primary education and two teacher training colleges are studying what is going well and where improvements can be made. We examine to what extent the learning path of the second career teacher is adapted to his learning needs, and how their schooling at the university of applied sciences aligns with the work practice of the teachers-in-training.

The aim of this project is to optimize the learning path for second career teachers in both the certification phase and the induction phase. We want the second career teachers to experience a continuous line of development, so that they will be retained to the workforce of educators.


  • A tailor-made coaching for second career teachers in which practice and training are optimally aligned;
  • Coaching that ensures the continuous development of the second career teacher up to and including the induction phase;
  • Retention of good quality second career teachers for education.


01 September 2022 - 31 August 2024

"They teach me youth literature, but I need classroom management"

A second career teacher


For both the training phase and the induction phase, we are mapping out the existing training and supervision structures of the two teacher training programs and the participating schools. This is done through document analysis and interviews with coordinators of second career teachers. By means of questionnaires and focus interviews with school trainers and second career teachers, best practices and improvement points are examined, both in the process leading up to certification and during the induction phase. Improvements are implemented, evaluated and adjusted.


The large teacher shortage threatens education quality. Second career teachers, entering the profession, are seen as a solution to reduce the shortage. These teachers have full responsibility for a group of children while they are still learning the trade. It is essential to train second career teachers such a way that education and practice are well streamlined, in order to keep them vital for education.

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This research is initiated by the Katholieke Scholenstichting Utrecht (KSU). It is a collaboration in the triangle of practice, training and research. The following organisations are participating: KSU, the Working in Education research group of the HU, the Research group for Training and Professionalizing Together at the Marnix Academy, the PABO of the HU and the PABO of the Marnix Academy.

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Tamar Tas

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Working in Education