Towards a team-oriented organization: new teaching teams in which the goal is central

Two HU institutes will merge on 1 January 2023. The new institute aims to realize a team-oriented organization with semi-autonomous teaching teams where the student is central and which increases the flexibility and job satisfaction of lecturers.


The project is a design-oriented research with the aim of a team-oriented organization: a simple and flat organization with small-scale semi-autonomous teaching teams that is designed and implemented by the teachers themselves and in which the student forms the starting point.


  • The design of a new team-oriented organization and implementation in practice;
  • Insight in:
    • The current design of teaching teams and the new design;;
    • The current self-organizing capacity of teams before and after implementation of the new organizational design;
    • To what extent current and new team designs meet design criteria for a team-oriented organization;
    • Experiences of students with regard to current education and education after the introduction of team-oriented organization;
  • The knowledge resulting from this research is then made transferable in the form of a guide for other programs or institutes.


01 February 2022 - 01 July 2023


The knowledge resulting from this project can be of added value to other institutes or study programs within the HU, but also to other universities of applied sciences and MBO that want to work towards a simple organization in which the intention is central and the professionals are empowered.


The design-oriented research is carried out via a step-by-step approach, with process guidance provided by two researchers from the Organizing Decent Work and Working in Education research groups. The accompanying research is also carried out by students of Human Resource Management and Business Administration.

HU researchers involved in the research

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