Josje Dikkers

Josje Dikkers


Josje Dikkers was appointed Professor of Organising Decent Work in May 2019. Her Research group supports organisations with practice-based research that relates to two key themes: creating meaningful employment for people who are at a disadvantage in today’s employment market and ensuring the continuity of meaningful employment in changing organisations.

After obtaining a degree in Labour and Organisational Psychology, in 2008 Josje was conferred a PhD by Radboud University for her thesis on work-life balance. This theme has continued to resurface in her activities in the field of HRM and employment and health. Besides working as a professor, Josje has also been a senior hbo lecturer and researcher for the Human Resource Management degree programme since 2012.

Josje is actively involved in education at the HU as a lecturer and senior lecturer. She is also involved in the development and design of four master’s degree programmes. In addition, she has acquired expertise in the execution of research projects in the field of employment & welfare, as well as the supervision of bachelor, pre-master, master and PhD students conducting research in these fields.

Fields of expertise

  • Work-life balance
  • Employment & welfare
  • Labour and organisational psychology



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