Steven Haveman

Steven Haveman

Dr. Ir. Steven Haveman works as researcher within the research group Organisations in Digital Transitions. His main research interest is how a diverse stakeholder group can together develop and improve complex (socio-)technological systems, supported by digital solutions such as models and simulations.


The background of Steven Haveman is in the field of Systems Engineering, as researcher, practitioner, and lecturer. He has performed a PhD research on an increased understanding of system behaviour through a more conscious use of models and simulations in early stages of development, resulting in the COMBOS-method.

Steven aims to connect different stakeholders to facilitate a shared understanding, ultimately contributing to making informed decisions to improve the world around us. A holistic systems perspective is key in this.


  • Systems Engineering
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Systems Thinking

"All models are wrong, some are useful"



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