You have registered via Studielink for a part time bachelor degree programme or a master programme at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. You still need to take a few more important steps before starting your studies. Check out the timeline below.

Please note

This information does not apply for international students with a foreign diploma of prior education. International students please continue here.

From registration to start of studies

Most programmes start on 1 September (or 31 August in 2020). But there are also flexible part-time Bachelor and Master programmes that start on November 1, February 1 or April 1.

Below, you’ll find some useful information to help you complete your enrolment. You will receive various emails from the HU at the email address you submitted to Studielink. The emails will present you with information about the digital intake, an HU account, access to the myHU app and reminders of remaining open actions. The following is a concise overview of what you can expect.

  1. The programme selection check

  2. Accountmail and myHU app

  3. Complete your enrolment > set your check-list to green

  4. Keep an eye on your digital mailbox

  5. Deadline: complete enrolment

  6. Start of academic year

Did you register for a numerus clausus programme?

Did you register for Physiotherapy, Skin Therapy (full-time or part-time), Allied Medical Care, Dental Hygiene, Dental Prosthetics or Optometry? The deadline for registration was 15 January. All the necessary information about the selection, dates of the selection days, rank numbers and further enrolment procedures can be found via the link below.


Information on numerus clausus (Dutch only)

You do not have the right prior education, but you are 21+?

You do not have the right prior education for the degree programme of your choice, but you are 21 or older? If so, you can do the 21+ admission test; click on the link below for all the necessary information.


Information on 21+ admission test

Have you completed prior education abroad?

The registration procedure is slightly different for applicants with prior education done abroad. Click on the link below to read more about this.


Information on admission requirements

Enrolling for a KOM-minor?

If you are studying at another university of applied sciences or university and you want to apply for a KOM minor at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, you can check out the HU-minorsite for the steps you will have to take to be registered and enrolled in a minor course at HU.

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