For the digital creative, data analysis is not a final goal, but rather a means to create innovative concepts that create value within a digital society.

Admission requirements

The assessment procedure consists of three phases:

  • Initial meeting, during which you receive the assignment and materials.
  • Individual work on your assignment, with weekly opportunities for walk-in and online consultation for support.
  • Assessment to evaluate whether you have reached the required level of knowledge and skills.

To enter the programme you need to have a Bachelor's degree.

  • Cover letter and intake interview
    You communicate your interest through a cover letter, and we will contact you for an interview.
  • Filling in blanks in required knowledge and skills
    Our programme coordinator will advise you on the materials to use to acquire knowledge and skills required for admission.
  • Assessment procedure
    All students will be assessed to evaluate whether their knowledge and skills are up to par.

Are you interested? Please contact us at

If you do not, or not yet, live in the Netherlands, you can enrol via Studielink, after creating a Studielink username and password. Request one here. Registration deadlines are 15 June (non-EU students) & 31 August (EU students).

Students living in the Netherlands - including non-Dutch nationals - can enrol as well as apply for student grants and loans via Studielink (in English, Dutch and German). For this, you need a DigiD log-in code, which takes up to five days to obtain.

For questions about Studylink or your application please contact STIP:

  • Basic working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Some experience with a programming language (e.g. JavaScript or Processing). You need to understand that programming consists of:
    • creating simple statements by using various datatypes (integers, booleans, floats, array, characters, strings);
    • using conditional statements (if-then-else);
    • controlling flow statements (for or while loops and switch expressions);
    • developing and using functions (sub-routines).
  • Ability to solve computer problems by searching for solutions (e.g. StackOverflow).

All potential foreign students need to take an intake assessment and prove their English skills at TOEFL level 80 (writing skills) / 20 (oral skills) or IELTS level 6.0.

Exemptions may apply. Ask our programme coordinator for details.

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