Digitisation is having an increasingly significant impact on our society. We are researching how digital innovation can be successful and generate a positive impact. In doing so, we prioritise human-centred approaches. Technological developments only acquire meaning when people engage with them.

Researchers and students design applications (product, services and methods) using data. These are designed to align with the needs and interests of individuals, the workplace and society. Within the research groups, research focuses on challenges in three key areas: Responsible Applied AI, Smart Responsible Business and Digital Culture & Media.


We collaborate with various stakeholders in the creative and business sectors, knowledge institutions, public organisations, and government in diverse ways. We prefer to establish long-term partnerships. Our research questions arise form practical contexts; therefore, the outcomes not only contribute to scientific insights but also offer insights and applications directly relevant to the professional practice. Do you have a research question related to digitization? We would be delighted to engage in a discussion with you.

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Research Centre for Digital Business and Media