Rapid changes in society create dynamics and complexity in the professional field. Which competences are essential to deal with this and how can these be learned? How can education contribute to this? Research within the Research Centre for Learning and Innovation helps (future) professionals and organisations in developing for the professional practice and society.

Learning and Innovation at the research centre always takes place in the triple helix of research, education and professional practice. We collect questions from professional practice and try to contribute to this with various research projects.

The Research Centre sees education as a practice that can be used for professionals to develop generic competencies. This doesn’t only apply to profession-oriented training and education but also foundational education: that’s where the basis lies. It’s not only formal education (the entirety of organised and institutionalized learning practices) that is important for learning the necessary competencies. Other everyday (work) contexts, methods and tools (informal learning, learning as part of working) can also assist professionals in learning.


We collaborate with partners on knowledge development regarding the complexity and dynamics of professional practice. This includes professionals form the field, school and other educational institutions. Do you have a research question that aligns with learning and innovation? Contact us!

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Research Centre for Learning and Innovation